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I can't 'Waite' to get my hands on you!

Office Policies

1.  As a massage therapist I do not diagnose, prescribe for, or treat any medical conditions.  Any verbal discussion of general health and medical conditions is meant only to help me formulate the most appropriate massage therapy plan for you.  If you have any conditions that I feel are a contraindication for massage or would be best treated by another health professional, I will make that recommendation to you and refer you to a qualified practitioner.

2.  Our sessions are strictly confidential.  I will not discuss you or what work is performed in your sessions with anyone.  Only with your permission will I contact any of your other health care providers and/or work with them to coordinate your program.  I will release your records to a requesting authority only upon your written permission.

3.  I require that you give at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment.  If less than 24 hours notice of cancelation is given or you fail to show up for a scheduled appointment, you will be charged for the session at the full on hour rate and future visits will not be scheduled until these charges are paid.  Unexpected emergencies, illness, and bad weather will be taken into consideration.

4.  I ask that you be on time for your appointment, but please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early to allow me time to finish up with my last client and prepare the room for you.  If you are late for an appointment the length of your massage session will be shortened, allowing me to finish on schedule.  I will require full payment for the session.  If I am late you will receive a full length session, unless there is a time conflict, in which case the time will be made up in another session or I will adjust your charges accordingly.

5.  You agree to keep me updated on any changes in your health condition, and any potentially infectious conditions so that we can both be assured you are receiving the most appropriate massage for you.

6.  I ask that you do not consume alcohol or illegal drugs prior to your massage session.  I will not be able to work on you under these conditions, and you will be charged the full one hour rate for the session and asked to leave.

7. Payment in full is due at the time of service.  I accept cash, checks, and credit cards.  In the event of a returned check you will be responsible for all returned check fees billed to me.  I'm sorry but I do not bill insurance.

8.  Please remember when referring clients to me that my practice is female clientele only at this time.

9.  Any inappropriate behavior of any nature will not be tolerated.  The session will be immediately terminated and you will be asked to leave.  You will be charged the full amount for the session.

10.  The minimum time for a full body massage is one hour.  I suggest a longer massage if you want a full body session with extra time spent on areas that may require special attention.

11.  This is YOUR massage!  So as I work with you it is extremely important that you give me feedback.  You create the massage that is right for you by giving me feedback.  The more specific your feedback, the more my massage can match your needs.  I need to know the following:

  • Are you comfortable?  Are the face cradle & pillows at the right adjustments for your comfort? Do you need more pillows? Are you too hot or too cold?  Do you need to use the restroom?
  • Is the music to your liking? Would you like the music changed, softer or louder or no music at all?
  • Would you like more or less lighting?  Eye pillows?
  • Would you like a full body massage or work on specific or problem areas only?
  • Is my pressure correct for where I am working?  Would you like more or less?
  • Does my pressure create any pain, numbness, or tingling?  Does that radiate to any other place in your body?  Does the pain change as I work with an area?
  • Are there massage techniques I do that you do not like? Or that you like especially well?
  • Are there any areas that you are uncomfortable having work on?  Gluts? Stomach? Ticklish feet? Scalp? Face?


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